How To Find A Partner Online

Published: 04th June 2009
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Dating is a lot easier when you use online dating sites to seek a partner.Millions of people are,and there are countless stories of successful
matches made on these sites that are designed to make it easier for you to find that special someone.Here are some tips on how to find a partner

1.Find a site that allows you to take a look at your matches.There are some sites that do the matching for you based upon your answers to questions.
While this may work for some,there are times when opposites attract and you feel a special chemistry towards someone who you might not be matched
up with.Look for sites that will allow you to also find your matches on your own.

2.Post a picture on your profile.You will get more responses from interested people as not posting a picture makes it look as if you have something
to hide.

3.Make sure the photo is recent.A photo of you 10 years ago may be flattering,but can be deceptive to those you meet online.After all,you want
the person to recognize you when you meet and not be disappointed.Make sure you get a regular photo of yourself to add to your profile.

4.Be honest.Do not lie on your profile and say that you make a lot of money,are younger than you are or are looking for something that you are
not really seeking.Being honest on your profile is the best way to find a partner who will like you for the real you.

5.Do not be shy.Most of the online dating sites allow you to contact those on the site once you have joined.There is nothing wrong with sending
someone a message saying that you are interested in them.This can break the ice and possibly lead to romance.

6.Talk first.Get comfortable with the person online before you speak on the phone or rush into a meeting.You are better off to find out something
about the person before you rush into a date.

7.Exchange a cell phone number.Unlike a land line,a cell phone number cannot be traced to your home.When you are using these sites,use your cell
phone number instead of your land line until you get to know the person.

8.Meet at a public place.Make the first meeting very informal.Go for coffee or lunch in a public area so that you both feel safe and to see if
there is a spark of chemistry.

9.Remember that online dating is just dating.You may not find your perfect partner right away.Do not get discouraged if you do not meet someone
special right away.Look at it as a new encounter with someone you might not have otherwise met without the dating site.

10.After the initial meeting,if you both feel comfortable with one another,you can choose to meet again.This is no longer online dating,
but real dating and you should treat it just as if you met the person off line.Take it slow and enjoy the moment.Chances are that your perfect
partner is out there looking for you right now.Do not be afraid to take the plunge and try an online dating site.

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